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An increasingly connected world requires an equally connected healthcare system. Whether it’s as simple as securely accessing patient health records from anywhere in the world or finding the best treatments that the world has to offer. It’s clear that patients, doctors, and innovators need a streamlined process to work, create, and treat seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Now more than ever, we need to accelerate the pace of innovation to develop new solutions to these growing healthcare challenges

As the need for innovation grows, progress in healthcare is too often slowed by inadequate funding and hampered by inefficiencies. This global urgency demands a radical shift in strategy, requiring massive capital inputs to drive healthcare forward. 
What is Aevolve? 
Aevolve is a platform that streamlines medical innovations from the lab to full scale commercialization, by connecting patients, investors, and innovators. 
Empowering Patients with the Freedom to Choose. 
Traditional capital sources that would fund these innovations have very different motivations than a suffering patient and their loved ones. Patients and their loved ones are looking for relief. They want solutions. They need options that medical researchers are working feverishly to provide. And it is this very disconnect that can slow down and even prevent potentially lifesaving innovations from ever reaching the world. And this is the very challenge that this project will address.
Supporting Independent Biotech Innovators
Where previously, independent biotech innovators would find great difficulty competing with their massive rivals, they can now receive the support they need to grow and reach market availability, while never sacrificing science in favor of business growth. Aevolve is facilitating the next wave of life-changing technologies by allowing the patients who will eventually receive the treatments to be stakeholders in the technologies they’re depending on. 
We are releasing a new channel.
  • A channel that is possible because of the blockchain revolution. 

  • A channel that gives the patients a say in what is important to their own health and for their future generations. 

  • A channel that allows medical innovations to be born into the world without being at the mercy of an institution that prioritizes profit over people. 

  • A channel that invites and connects researchers, patients and the medical community to collectively support initiatives that will benefit our lives while simultaneously creating a financial and health benefit for everyone involved.
We do not seek to change or challenge the existing system.  That would be crazy.  Instead, we are simply introducing something new to the game.  You.
What is Aevolve?
Aevolve is both a movement and a protocol designed to accelerate innovation through patient-driven solutions.

As the problems of healthcare vastly transform alongside a rapidly expanding global population and changing lifestyles, our world today requires a faster and more responsive pace of innovation. Some examples of this changing scenario are the increase in chronic diseases and the global emergence of antibiotic resistance. 

Diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and others are becoming more prevalent in our aging global population. The fight against infectious disease has become a losing battle as pathogens adapt in response to their environment. We need, more than ever, to accelerate the pace of innovation in order to come up with new solutions.

Innovation today lags behind as the health industry finds itself slowed by inadequate funding and hampered by inefficiencies. In the midst of the global emergencies that prompt a radical shift in strategy, we find that the massive amount of capital needed to push healthcare forward is simply not there.

Aevolve reinvents healthcare financing, access, availment and distribution. It realigns incentives in the industry to a better fit for patients, while encouraging unprecedented innovation and supporting stakeholders by facilitating both traditional and non-traditional sources of capital.
Empowering Patient Networks
One of the most important features of the Aevolve protocol is its empowerment of the patient as a stakeholder. Through the AVEX token, the patient participates in the ecosystem by holding a native asset that provides access to a number of offerings by biotechnology companies or Medical Service Providers (MSP’s) as designated on the Biospheres platform.

Through blockchain technology, patients are able to access, support and upvote offerings and initiatives that align with their own needs. Patient demand and decision-making fuels the activity on Biospheres.
Benefiting Independent Biotech Players
While research efforts and products generated by smaller laboratories and independent biotech companies may attract little attention from conventional capital, the Biospheres platform allows them to thrive and receive alternative sources of financing or revenue.

Biospheres is designed to accommodate worthwhile health innovation projects and make them investable. Vetted companies create their own offerings on the platform. Activity on the platform proves the market for these treatments. Presale, reservation, actual sale and tiered fulfillment models allow a dynamic economy to form around these new technologies.
New Exposure in Wrapped Investment Tools
While many traditional players may still be wary of investing in blockchain technology, products such as AVEX.AI provide exposure in the form of a classic tracker certificate on the Swiss Stock Exchange (The Six).

AVEX.AI tracks the performance of the AVEX token and is the perfect investment vehicle for those who prefer to avail of blockchain opportunities via traditional markets. AVEX.AI is a securitized and structured product that bridges the gap between traditional finance and blockchain innovation. Learn more

Protection of Equity
Aevolve allows for more diversified sources of capital without the downside of giving up more equity in the case of small or independent players, thus protecting control over their projects and companies and preserving their innovation goals. Securitization channels allow investability of the entire ecosystem.
A New Channel
Aevolve’s model allows more equitable participation and representation among investors, innovators and patients. It is a channel for greater communication among stakeholders in healthcare. Most of all, it allows patients to take charge of their own health decisions, with the aid and support of a global community.