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No definite cure exists for Alzheimer’s disease yet, but promising drugs have emerged through the years that help stem its progress. However, these treatments must be administered early in the course of the illness for them to do any good. This race against time has pushed researchers to find other ways to tame this debilitating disease.

A lot of treatments have been developed to try to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, but no commercially approved medication has been proven to dramatically and rapidly reduce the toxic buildup of the Alzheimer’s-causing proteins in the blood.

That is, until Amylex Biotech Corp. — a US-based biotechnology company — reported that it had developed a treatment that targeted the root cause of the disease in hopes of slowing it down. This innovation, according to its developer, will soon be available in the Philippines.


Called Betaclear, the treatment is designed to eliminate the buildup of harmful beta-amyloid toxins in the blood before they can disrupt the connection and proper functioning of brain cells. The process involved is “extracorporeal,” meaning, it takes place outside the body, so side effects are unlikely, Amylex claims.

One of the most sought-after objectives in the search for a potential cure for Alzheimer’s is reducing beta-amyloids, which are toxic protein fragments that collect in the blood and in “plaque” in the brain. Beta-amyloids have been linked to diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

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Aevolve News

Aevolve, a Zurich-based healthtech company, has announced the filing of the first crypto token to be offered in a tracker certificate for subscription on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

AVEX.AI (SSPA: 1300) is a classic tracker certificate issued in US dollars that gives accredited investors the ability to invest in a crypto-based structure product and participate in Aevolve’s token (AVEX), the cryptocurrency that powers the company’s proprietary, blockchain-enabled, patient-centric healthcare marketplace called Biospheres, the company said on Tuesday.

Aevolve is developing a decentralized financing ecosystem built on blockchain technology which allows medical innovators to access the resources they need to research, develop and commercialize cure-oriented solutions.

Through its Biospheres platform, patients will be able to directly fund medical innovators and research institutes, bypassing the traditional funding model which benefits institutional investors and the profit-oriented pharma industry.

“The Aevolve ecosystem not only directly connects patients to medical breakthroughs, treatments, and cures, it also provides a new financing model enabling scientists, labs and biotech firms to create new treatments and technologies faster and more efficiently than traditional methods,” said Rogelio “Vonz” Santos, Jr., CEO of Aevolve. “We are extremely excited to announce one of the first products that truly bridges traditional capital market with crypto.”

Healthcare, a multitrillion dollar industry, is in desperate need of disruption. In addition to rising concerns over inequality and disparity in healthcare access, scientifically, the industry is stagnating. Promising research remains poorly funded and many brilliant studies fall by the wayside due to lack of proper financial support.

According to Aevolve, blockchain technology can revolutionize how health products are crowdsourced, supported, evaluated, launched and delivered.

The Biospheres platform will combine two key digital solutions: an underlying crypto-based exchange engine and a marketing engine designed to match the marketing power of the existing dominant big pharma players. The AVEX token will be used as the medium of exchange and a method of payment on the Biospheres platform and Aevolve broader ecosystem, and a method of payment for securitized digital assets available on traditional capital market platforms.

The company claims several projects with commercial ready product offerings have shown interested in being listed on the Biospheres platform.

[Updated on Monday, December 3, 2018, 12:21pm GMT:

  • A previous version stated that Aevolve has announced the launch of the first crypto token to be offered in a tracker certificate for subscription on the SIX Swiss Exchange. A spokesperson for Aevolve clarified that the company has announced the filing of the first crypto token to be offered in a tracker certificate for subscription on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • Updated statements from Rogelio “Vonz” Santos, Jr., CEO of Aevolve, reflecting the launch of “one of the first products that truly bridges traditional capital market with crypto.”]