(Alternative Investment)

AEVOLVE has become the first token to be offered through a tracker certificate for a subscription. Investors can participate in the launch of the first biotech marketplace for research, development and breakthrough medical treatments with a product that can be traded simply and transparently. By utilizing the ISIN financial framework to wrap a crypto token, we have addressed four major components which provide a foundation for the premium value of the AVEX.AI (AVEX Alternative Investment) vehicle

The Four Value Pillars of AVEX.AI

LiquidityEliminating the lack of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market by accessing a larger capital pool.

Listing on a traditional exchange provides a new magnitude of liquidity compared to the current crypto market through accessing established capital markets and specifically structured products. Listing on a traditional capital market exchange eliminates the potential lock up period for token trading. We provide a possible arbitrage opportunity for innovative investors and traders by partnering with cryptocurrency exchanges which provide liquidity for the AVEX digital asset.

RegulationEliminating regulatory and compliance barriers for many institutions, family offices, hedge funds and brokerages to tokens.

Regulation has been a major barrier to entry preventing traditional investors, pension funds, and retail brokers from accessing crypto tokens. By wrapping the AVEX utility token in a regulated securitized framework we have bridged the gap and will allow for any investor the ability to obtain AVEX in a regulatory compliant environment.

TechnicalEliminating the technical expertise needed to access the blockchain, manage wallet addresses and private keys.

Blockchain is a complex and ever evolving technology which requires a high level of expertise to competently interact with. Our innovative approach of financial engineering eliminates the steep learning curve of blockchain, resulting in a simple and worry-free way to participate in cryptocurrency opportunities.

SecurityEliminating the risks of permanently losing assets from irreversible transactions to non-compatible wallets or mismanagement of private keys.

Blockchain assets contain a different risk profile unlike any other financial instruments. Blockchain-based transactions are irreversible and can result in permanently lost funds in the case of new users who are not familiar with the technology. Furthermore, the mismanagement of the private keys associated with blockchain assets can also result in permanently lost funds for new users. However, our AVEX.AI product has eliminated this risk by securely vaulting the underlying AVEX digital asset which allows for free trading on traditional exchanges without exposure to these user-related security risks.

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