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AVEX.AI Tracker Certificate

Offers investors exposure to the AVEX token.

A Revolutionary New Instrument for Investors

Gain Exposure to Blockchain-Derived Health Industry Assets through a Familiar Product

AVEX.AI is the first-ever tracker certificate issued via Swiss ISIN designed to participate in the world’s pioneering dynamic tokenized medical care market.

It is a structured product following Swiss guidelines, using a securitization pathway to introduce ISIN-wrapped digital tokens to traditional investors.

AVEX.AI offers a secure way of participating in blockchain-derived assets, which ensures that investors can take advantage of the new opportunities in this exponential space using a product that offers a high degree of ease and familiarity.

With AVEX.AI, there is no necessary learning curve or technological specialization required to invest in health industry crypto assets. It combines the cutting-edge opportunity of blockchain with the simplicity and security of classic investment.

AVEX.AI Product Profile

The AVEX token is the blockchain-derived asset that allows consumers and other participants in the Biospheres network to transact within the Biospheres platform. It is designed to capture the value of the health innovation sector within a closed ecosystem. Biospheres is a borderless marketplace that accommodates billions of dollars in leading-edge health science, biotech products, and medical offerings that offer solutions to some of the world’s most pressing health problems. The platform aims to address under- or unfunded projects looking to solve growing global concerns like Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer, rare diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or resultant complications of medical treatments like organ rejection after transplantation, to name a few.

The AVEX token is also the first new digital asset to launch through a structured product available via Swiss ISIN. Opportunities for new token offerings were previously exclusive to a highly technical community that generated unprecedented returns for many early investors. With this new alternative investment product, we make it as easy as buying a stock as a means to introduce a new investor market into crypto and reduce the risks that have been associated with other differently-designed crypto offerings.


AVEX.AI Tracker Certificate on Aevolve Token (AVEX)

ISIN Number

Upon Request


Tracker-Certificate (Code 1300) of the Swiss Derivative Map, as amended from time to time by the Swiss Structured Products Association (

Underlying Asset

AVEX token is the sole and exclusive crypto asset that is used to purchase unique health tech products in BIOSPHERES, a tokenized marketplace for health innovation offerings.

Total Amount

USD 100’000’000.00 (Maximal Amount)

Issue Size

100’000 Certificates

Minimum Trade Size

10 Certificates and 1 Certificate thereafter

Subscription Period

To Be Announced

Issuing Company


Merging Traditional Finance with Health Innovation

Aevolve understands the importance of working with existing regulatory frameworks to provide clear-cut, simple, and timely access to blockchain-derived assets. This has led to an innovation in the introduction of new crypto assets, and a new blockchain model that provides direct access to patients and de-risks investors who wish to participate in it. The mutual benefits emerge through an unprecedented means of the interaction between investors and innovators. 
We capture the hidden value in health innovation space by allowing under-invested research and agile biotech companies to get their products funded outside of the traditional VC model, where they may be considered less of a priority, and where costs are skyrocketing to billions per commercialized drug. 
Through alternative financing, cutting-edge products are introduced faster and made more accessible to the public. 
By integrating this new blockchain financing strategy with trusted investment protocols, a new hybrid ecosystem is formed. This hybrid ecosystem brings the trillion-dollar derivatives market into innovation financing and enables investment opportunities and liquidity to flow between both sectors.


AVEX.AI is a classic investment that has all the properties of legal security. This familiarity avoids technological mishaps in large-scale investing, especially for those who have not yet gone into blockchain-derived assets. Storage, custody, escrow, digital security are covered in the management of the underlying, and investors do not need to tackle issues such as self-management of private keys. One simply invests in a tracker certificate that follows the recognizable rules of the stock market.


AVEX.AI is a simple product that requires no learning curve or technological shift. Investors that are accustomed to traditional investment methods will find it an ideal entry point into the new, dynamic world of crypto markets.


AVEX.AI tracks the performance of AVEX in a marketplace that addresses a tremendous global need. Health and medical care, after all, are universal and constitute an inexhaustible need. And the market for new treatments or solutions to diseases is persistent and enduring. 
This presents a wide range of opportunities to partner with companies and researchers in order to constantly provide access to products and services that address countless medical needs of the world’s growing population. This setup offers a greater possibility for renewable demand. Market relevance is sustained through steady onboarding of new research efforts, independent or agile companies, and new solutions. Innovation is the other driver of continuing value.

Structured Product

This is a first-in-the-world financial product that gives traditional financial managers exposure to a crypto token at its earliest stage. The regulatory and compliance landscape for crypto assets is unclear and uncertain. This structured asset helps to break through the fear, uncertainty, and doubt associated with new technology.

Social Impact

This investment tool is geared towards social good, sustainability, and future success by being a well-rounded mechanism that extends beyond marketing and financial performance. It was designed with a social impact in mind.

Social benefits were ingrained in the business model from the start. The project benefits large communities by driving an active donation market. The same marketplace that offers treatment reservations allows public donations to worthy causes in the health sector.

Today, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Investing is considered an additional metric for investment strength. This model points to a more sustainable type of investment, relying on transformative social contributions that outlast short-term marketing and price-boosting efforts, and adding strong balance to a portfolio.


Pricing models and projections are based on actual, existing, and viable solutions that will launch as part of Biospheres’ offerings. This is a high-practicality model for token utility addressing a high-value market and tremendous demand. It is a measurable, executable, and reasonable cost model with realistic and achievable targets. With Year One partnership and offering targets secured, the project continues to on-board a lineup of multi-billion dollar offerings that will create a solid foundation for the token and the tracker.



Aevolve is a protocol that supports medical innovations from R&D stages to full-scale commercialization, by connecting patients, investors, and scientific innovators.



This innovation marketplace connects patients and the global community directly with scientific innovators and experts from all over the world to address various stages of the innovation life cycle.



This new asset class provides exposure to opportunities in blockchain, free of the risks associated with previous token offerings. Coming soon to the the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.


AVEX Token & The Aevolve Protocol

Cutting-edge medical science meets blockchain-driven technology to create new opportunities to drive innovation.

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