Frequently Asked Questions

The Aevolve utility token (AVEX) is a crypto-asset in the biotech and healthcare industry. It acts as a distribution and redemption token for a medical product on offer from a designated provider. The product in this case can be any invention, device, testing or therapeutic procedure on offer on the future Biospheres innovation exchange.

Aevolve will act as a mode of value capture in the biotech and healthcare sector. It will be the primary means of value transfer and native token in the future healthcare ecosystem that emerges from this ICO: Biospheres.

AVEX will be the native token of the Biospheres platform which means it is the only token that will allow users to participate, transfer value, and acquire Spheres (medical offerings) on the platform. As more biotech or health companies are onboarded and listing their Spheres, the utility of the AVEX token will expand with our medical innovation marketplace growth.

The token runs on the Ethereum distributed ledger using the ERC-20 protocol for smart contracts. The ERC-20 standard was selected on the merits of 1) expediency: swift scaling and execution 2) ease and product fit: ability to execute the primary purpose of the token, which is to be globally deployed as a redeemable note for the biotech or healthcare service on offer, and 3) user experience and compatibility: high level of user convenience, being compatible with many existing exchange platforms and flexible enough to be stored in an already widely available range of wallets.

The token allows holders to transfer value in a matter of minutes to anyone in the world, enabling others in their networks to benefit and liberalizing access to cutting-edge science.

The price a single token is USD 1.

Total token supply is set at 1,210,000,000 tokens.

The hard cap is $ 1,210,000,000. Once this goal has been achieved the campaign will be stopped.

Soft cap is $ 1,000,000,000.

Tokens will be given upon purchase, but there will be a linear vesting schedule followed in the Pre-ICO phase.

Exchange listings will be announced after the ICO is completed.

Yes, after distribution, you may store your tokens in wallets that support the ERC-20 standard.

This token addresses patients all over the world, and anyone who is interested in the proactive management of their own health future.

This ICO bridges the gap between scientific innovation and real-world health solutions.

We decided this is the best way to provide global, unfettered access to groundbreaking new medical technologies—to expand innovation through the free and open world of crypto tokens.

The future ecosystem, Biospheres, will cast a wide net in capturing leading edge health innovation. Biosphere will be an inclusive availment model and an innovation marketplace—the health sciences’ ecosystem of ecosystems—that invites all cutting-edge participants on the road to better health. Through our future VC arm, we are supporting passionate and dedicated scientists and projects at mature stages in need of alternative funding vehicles.

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