AEVOLVE Token (AVEX) is the first token created to support the most advanced breakthroughs in medical science. By connecting medical innovators directly with the patients on a powerful blockchain driven financial platform, a new era of decentralized financing is born.

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar global market waiting to be disrupted. Meanwhile it presents mounting issues for the majority of the world population, including rising costs, growing inefficiencies and scientific hurdles that compound by the year. While waiting to resolve these issues the world’s sick population continues to grow, unable to benefit from new discoveries—breakthroughs that fall by the wayside due to insufficient funding, poor distribution or inadequate financial support for innovative products and services.

We are creating an ecosystem that introduces a new way of redemption and distribution of cutting-edge health products, through the exponential technology that is the blockchain.

Aevolve is a utility token enabling unprecedented access to some of the world’s most advanced life-saving scientific breakthroughs. Our first product redemption process will be rolled out in the coming months via this flagship token.

This ICO is designed to invite the world to help bring exciting healthcare technologies to their fullest potential and give patients across the globe affordable access to a new class of groundbreaking procedures.

Tokenization provides a swift launch and distribution model for companies with disruptive solutions, and helps patients access them at a discounted price, in a non-discriminatory and free marketplace. Aevolve is the vehicle that enables digitization of asset values that were never before deployed at such efficiency and scale.

This paves the way for a future innovation marketplace where the best science and the best values compete, to empower people to make their own healthcare decisions. Aevolve will be the access and anchoring token that enables participation in this marketplace.

This is a first on many fronts and will undoubtedly transform the future.