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The purpose of the AEVOLVE Project is to create a decentralized financing model that will provide a new channel for medical innovators to access the resources they need to research, develop and commercialize medical solutions that benefit patients worldwide.

AVEX Token

  • Token Symbol: AVEX
  • Token Supply: 1.21 billion tokens
  • Utility functions of the AVEX token
    • Medium of exchange for BioSpheres platform
    • Method of payment by patients for Sphere contracts that represent tokenized asset by a medical service provider (MSP)
    • Incentive of the system to medical experts for commentary and peer review activity
    • Fuel for minting under a staking model for MSPs to mint new Sphere offerings
    • Method of payment for securitized digital assets available on traditional capital market platforms

The Problem

  • The drug development and regulatory process can take an average of 14 years and can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Investments in this sector are generally high risk and traditionally funded by private equity, venture capital and financial institutions. This creates a limited pool of capital sources that is disproportionate to the amount of innovations that require proper financing. The result is that many innovations are never realized.
  • The traditional institutions that are responsible for financing in this space prioritize profitability over human impact.
  • Patients have no real influence in this space when it comes to what should be prioritized and they’re often victims of high costs, rising prices and limited options that provide long-term sustainable health benefits.
  • The large incumbent players have found more profitability in maintenance medicine versus cures. The industry has evolved into a position that actually works against the long-term interests of people.

The Solution: Decentralized Financing

  • The solution is to create a new source of capital generated through a model of “decentralized financing.”
  • Decentralized Financing Explained: The current research and development sector is structurally organized, where large capital pools are contained in financial institutions that select and invest in pioneering medical technologies.
    • What all these investments have in common is that they all target a commercialization stage where they will gain profitability from patients.
    • In the AEVOLVE model, decentralized financing means channeling the end-stage consumer, the Patient, to directly participate in the process in a unique way that results in a new source of capital for medical innovators, research companies and other medical solutions seeking provide an end-stage benefit to patients.
  • Decentralized Financing is accomplished in the AEVOLVE model through a proprietary platform called BIOSPHERES

The Platform: Biospheres

  • Components: Biospheres combines two key digital solutions. A underlying crypto-based exchange engine and a highly financed marketing engine designed for global reach.
  • BIOSPHERES addresses three keys stages of the innovation life-cycle:
    • Early stage research — these are addressed with Grant Spheres.
    • Mid-Stage/Pre-regulatory Approval Companies — these companies are addressed with a form of security offering that will allow individuals to participate as investors through a security token. These are called Investment Spheres.
    • Near-Commercial/Commercial — The companies are either Post-Regulatory Approval, Pre-distribution, expansion-ready companiesThese companies will have products that are ready to go to market and require financing to fully commercialize. These products are tokenized, and can be purchased with the AVEX token. Capital for these companies is created by preselling their product. Once they are commercial ready, the patient holding these Spheres can simply redeem them and receive the medical treatment, product, or service.
  • Spheres is a tokenized product based on a blockchain smart contract that exists within a Biosphere. The objective of this model is to allow medical innovators to access new capital markets through Blockchain technology without having to learn the Blockchain space, so that they can focus on their core competency of developing life-changing products for humanity.
  • Biospheres is also a marketing engine and communications platforms designed to match the marketing power of the existing dominant big pharma players.

Ecosystem Participants

Medical Innovators

  • Includes research-oriented universities, research companies and existing MSPs, looking to fund projects.
  • It provides a platform to bring awareness to their projects.

The Patient Community

  • Includes patients, their families and patient support organizations.
  • It is an educational and engagement resource for them to discover innovations of interest.
  • It simultaneously provides a means to directly participate in financing and become the first to access these medical solutions.

Medical Experts

  • Includes scientists, doctors and other qualified medical professionals who seek to create a new source of income through product evaluation.
  • The platform provides a means for reviewing, commenting and performing peer reviews of the medical projects presented so that the patient community is given valuable and comprehendible insight from a third-party perspective.
  • This model could lead to the largest active peer review network in the world.

Special Considerations

  • AEVOLVE has a built-in financial protection model for the Patients that purchase Treatment Spheres through a combination of back-end escrow and protection models to provide refunds.
  • There is a unique monetary policy that includes a lever that manages overall tokens in circulation through a method of token-binding to Spheres.
  • AEVOLVE already has several potential projects to be listed on the Biospheres platform, with product offerings on breakthrough treatments that are commercially ready; each is valued at over a billion dollars in product offerings.
  • This platform and solution model were designed by owners and executives of research companies that have driven new molecules from discovery, research and development and all the way to FDA approval.
  • The innovation sector in the medical sciences represents over a trillion dollars in potential value.
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